Drum school

Drum school

Four teachers

Lessons - are only individual, duration - 60 minutes

Prices - month subscriptions from 1000 to 2000 grn (available for Ukranian or Russian language drum teaching)

One lesson price - $30 (English language drum teaching); 350 to 600 grn (Ukrainian or Russian language drum teaching)


Yuri Riabchuk

I am the owner of musical complex Checkpoint in Kyiv.

I can fluently teach drums in three languages:

  • English
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian



Education: graduated from musical school №1 named after Y.S. Stepovyj in Kyiv, Ukraine; class of drums & percussion

Drumming experience - 14 years

Teaching experience - 7,5 years (more than 10 thousand hours of teaching)

  • The quantity of years and hours of teaching are two different things, so let's name it properly.


For statistics:

  • for this 7,5 years of teaching me and my school have taken more than 2000 students
  • each day I've been giving 7 lessons in average for the last 7,5 years
  • today my drum school has four teachers and more than 90 students
  • one of the biggest drum specialized schools in Kyiv!
  • today I teach drums about 20-30 hours a week and focus my time in creating the first private drum university in Ukraine; I work on development of my recording studio and rehearsal musical complex
  • I invite all students and especially those who want to attend my lessons first of all, students who had previous musical background, have played musical instruments or drums


I've been visited by students from 4 to 53 years old from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Turkey, USA, China, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Finland

I work in musical business for 11 years

Concert & studio experience as a drummer - Krayina Mriy festival, Gogolfest, Atlas concert club, Music Bike Avia Ukraine festival, Tres Francais festival, Inspired festival and many more

I am endorsed by next comapnies:

  • North Custom Drums (UK)
  • Starsticks drumsticks (Ukraine)
  • Nick Walker drum pads (Ukraine)
  • I am an official member of D'Addario Education Collective and Sabian Education Network



Teaching in English:

  • 1 lesson - $30/hour

Teaching in Ukrainian or Russian:

  • 1 lesson - 600 grn/hour
  • 4 lessons as month subscribtion - 1800 grn (450 grn/hour)
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Volodymyr Pereginets


Teaching in:

  • Ukrainian
  • Russian


In 2006 Volodymyr has started playing drums as a self-taught musician.

He focused on metal drumming and played several hundreds of concerts with bands such as Hedonistic Exility, Dysphoria, Play the Piano, Koshachiy Nozh.


Drumming - 12 years

Teaching - 2 years & 3 months

  • up to 3000 hours of teaching experience
  • for this teaching period at least 300 students have visited his lessons
  • he gives 7 lessons a day in average

Bands in which Volodymyr plays at the moment:

  • Dysphoria
  • Mother Witch & Dead Water Ghosts
  • Respect Your Mom
  • August J


  • huge concert & studio drumming experience
  • endorser of Nick Walker drumpads (Ukraine)



  • 1 lesson - 450 grn./hour
  • 4 lessons as a subscription - 1200 grn.
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Kostyantyn Nikitenko

Kostya is one of the first students of Checkpoint studio & drum school's founder - Yuri Riabchuk. He have studied drums for 4 years and witnessed all the reconstructions and formation of Checkpoint as it is nowadays.

Teaching in:

  • Ukrainian
  • Russian



Drumming - 7 years

Teaching - 3 years

  • up to 4000 teaching hours
  • for this teaching period at least 350 students have visited his lessons
  • he gives 6 lessons a day in average
  • huge experience in working with kids under 10 years old


Today Kostya is a drummer for The Cow band and usually works in rock styles of drumming.

  • concert & studio work experience
  • endorser for Starsticks drumsticks (Ukraine)
  • endorser for NickWalker drumpads (Ukraine)



  • 1 lesson - 450 grn.
  • 4 lessons as a subscription (once a week) - 1200 grn.
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Methodology of education:

  • Structural course
  • Musical grammar and notation, time signatures, the understanding of musical structure, time and metronome work
  • Drum pad: basic three hand motions - wrist, fingers and hybrid (wrist & fingers) motions
  • Essential drum rudiments (the most used drumming techniques and exercises)
  • Feet: types of leg and feet movements, double bass playing
  • Movement coordination: linear, independent and dynamic types of coordination
  • Improvisation development, playing to music and metronome, studying of the favorite drummer's parts and covering different songs
  • Composition skills
  • Musicality development
  • Theoretical and practical skills: drums adjustion, the choosing of the first drum kit etc


Drum kits:

  • Premier XPK (x2)
  • Premier Genista Stage Birch (x1)
  • Tama Imperialstar (x1)


Snare drums:

  • Tama SLP (maple 13"x7")
  • Tama SLP (maple 14"x6,5")
  • Tama SLP (aluminium 14"x5,5")
  • Tama Starphonic (aluminium 14"x6")
  • Pearl Sensitone Elite (brass, 14"х6,5")
  • Premier XPK (14"x5,5")
  • Premier Genista (14"x6")



  • Paiste PST5 sets (hi-hat, crash, ride)


Drum pedals:

  • Tama Speedcobra
  • Tama IronCobra 600
  • Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive
  • Yamaha DFP 8215


Studio and rehearsal rooms gear.


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